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Mr. Bobby Nguyen
ATA Director

I have graduated Tourism from Hanoi National University in 2001 and desired to explore new destinations particularly motorcycling. I have been riding Northwest of Vietnam by a motorbike several times and now have my sights set on other destinations in Asia. Start ACTIVETRAVEL ASIA, it is vitally important for us show the difference of Vietnam and part of Asia as well as promote local empowerment and sustainable development.

Ms. Mai Hai Yen
Marketing Manager

Yen studied tourism then perused her major with Holiday Indochina – owner of ATA - right after her graduation. Accompanying with Holiday Indochina from the very first stage, she thoroughly understands how passion and devotion can influence into passenger. She keeps her attitude of working to bring fresh air to ATA to help pushing it up into market while keeping its major nature.

Mr. Dinh Van Hoang (English speaking)
Indochina combined tours specialist

Before joining us, Hoang worked as a tour guide for years and travelled to almost famous parts of Vietnam. Interacting directly with tourists, he knows exactly what they expect while getting around an unfamiliar country. Expertising in Myanmar, Vietnam and Cambodia, Hoang can help you arrange long and complicated itineraries even with complex requests. Another field that he is so much confident is cruising trips

Ms. Do Hoang Ngan (English speaking)
Myanmar Adventure expert

Ngan is our newest member but the way she gets along with new environment and her professionals has amazed us. Quickly getting into Myanmar market, Ngan helps our customers experiencing the best experience in Myanmar with her devoted time and efforts. The compliments from passengers continuously written back are the biggest motivation for her and all our company is, too!

Ms. Dang Thu Trang - Bella (English speaking)
Vietnam Myanmar adventure

Trang is an adventure expert in Vietnam before switching herself to new challenge, Myanmar. She took her new adventure with wonderful attitude and success. Trang quickly proves that she is a real adventure expert in any destination she gets involve. Her best advantage is creating programs with biking, trekking activities

Ms. Bien Thi Chuyen - Candy (English Speaking)
Vietnam Myanmar Adventure

Chuyen is quiet in her personality but devoted in her attitude to work. That’s make her soon become an expert in her field, adventure travel. Chuyen can support you from classic adventures to very hard and special adventurous tours like: kayaking, trekking to jungle, motorcycling… Managing something with her, you will have all her time and efforts to get it done perfectly

Mr. Nguyen Van Thang (French Speaking)
Vietnam tours specialist

Thang is a very nice person that you can expect all from a colleague to work with. Besides, his 15 years’ experience, he is a caring one in job and relationship with team members. He can handle with all service types and build close relationships to our service suppliers that ensure best services at lowest prices. His effectiveness is our powerful back-up for confidently delivering special services to our travelers.

Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Sy
Web Master

Hanging out with Online market, websites and stable network connection are vital tools to survive. Sy is a person responsible for that special task. He joined us since 2009 and gave his best effort to build and maintain our websites, computers, mail server system. Our success is greatly contributed by his hidden, silent devotion. We always appreciate him for smooth communication best close to valuable customers.

Mr. Dinh Manh Cuong
System managing officer

Sharing the vital role with Sy, Cuong is responsible for the stability of all websites and its contents. Building and effectively managing a huge CMS makes our Sales working most smoothly. Experience 5 years in working with web server, content and database management ect. Cuong has made a huge, silent efforts to our success