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Motorbiking in Asia
Are you looking for that great motorcycle tour holiday in an exotic south-east Asian country? Look no further, you've found the right spot. This is where it's at for a brilliant motorcycle touring holiday in Asia...
Trekking / Hiking in Asia
We now have an unbeatable range of 2-week treks in this part of the world, each of which promises a fresh combination of experiences. The choice is yours - whether you want to trek in northern Laos and witness the splendour of Angkor Wat complex or hike to the summit of the highest peak in Vietnam... Very different in many respects, each of ATA's trek adventure has that one indisepensible ingredient.
Biking in Asia
Southeast Asia is riddled with well-worn mountain bike trails, all covered by experienced bike tour operators. Seeing the region from a bike seat instead of a tour bus window lets you see the country up close, and lets you set your own pace throughout the trip. You also get the feeling you're seeing the real Southeast Asia, not just pre-packaged tourist photo ops.
Kayaking in Asia
The kayaking options in Asia are often more extreme than elsewhere. They can be found at extreme altitudes, in extreme isolation, and are extremely striking. Currently, you can select your Kayaking tours from Vietnam and Laos. All while kayaking in the major bay, river and white water courses of these countries. We will soon feature rafting trips from other Asian countries.
Family Adventures in Asia
ATA has several itineraries for Family Adventures in Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos, from two-day to two-week, with multi-activity adventures. The itineraries mix the cultural and the fun, for example, a Vietnam kayak-trek-and-cruise trip might include an emperor's tomb, fishing villages, caves, boat trip, pirate ship aquarium etc... Hopefully the cultural education will last for life.
Asia Adventures
You can travel to every country of Asia from US, Europe, and from every Southeast Asian country to every other one. We are an expert on that. ATA offers multi-country travel packages and personalized multi-country activities in Asia. You can choose one of our well-planned itineraries, or design your own unique tour according to your specific needs free of charge with the help of ATA Travel Consultants.
Set Departure Tours
At ATA, we are aware that you need to plan your travel arrangements early to take advantage of our early payment discounts, utilize frequent flyer miles or benefit from airline early booking offers. We are also aware that you want to meet other travelers and save money by joining group tour. To assist you in planning a great holiday in Indochina, we have designated a number of tours as preferred set departures based on their reliable booking history.

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