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Big ticket attractions including Wat Phu Champasak, the Mekong River islands of Si Phan Don and the Bolaven Plateau make Champasak one of the most visited provinces in Laos. Champasak has a long history that begin with participation in the Funan and Chenla empires between the 1th and 9th century AD. Between the 10th and 13th century became part of the Cambodian Angkor Empire.

Following the decline between the 15th late 17th centuries, it was enfolded into the Lan Xang kingdom but then broke away to become an independent Lao kingdom at the beginning 18th century. The short-lived Champasak kingdom had only three monarchs: Soi Sisamut (1713-37), who was the nephew of Suriya Vongsa, Sainyakuman (1737-91) and finally Fai Na (1791-1811).

Today Champasak Province has a population of more than 500,000 including lowland of Lao (many of them Phu Thai), Khmers and a host of small Mon-Khmer groups, most of whom live in the Bolaven Plateau region.

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