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Responsible Travel Club of Vietnam (RTC)

ACTIVETRAVEL ASIA has been long in tourism idustry and from the very first tour of ours; we have made our utmost efforts to minimize the negative impacts of travels, we are trying to reduce bad impacts to the environment on our tours, and not only with that, we have been working hard to get as much as possible the involvement of the local people to our tours and our work with them to conserve their culture and customs can't be exclusive.

We believe that the small thing we do can make a big difference, as we have been doing several tours and projects in Halong, Sapa, Ha Giang, Pu Luong, Ngoc Son - Ngo Luong... for responsible travel.

But there have been a lot of work on responsible travel and tourism; we feel that we must work together with other travel companies to share this responsibility, and we can even be more sustainable when we work together.

So the idea of a club or an association came up, we first met in late 2008 among 3 companies to have some casual chats and there are now 5 companies are in meeting and discussion in order to set up the Responsible Travel Club: ACTIVETRAVEL ASIA, Footprint, I-Travel, Handspan, Free Wheelin' Tours.

At our recent meeting, we have all agreed on our objectives for the club:

1. To assist and network members to develop, promote and integrate responsible tourism principles to their business practices.

2. To provide a platform for its members to cooperate on creating / improving and promoting responsible tourism offers and services.

3. The Club members actively contribute in sustaining the socio-cultural and natural environment affected by their tourism activities.

4. The Club members share commercial benefits with local communities and -partners and promote the participation of disadvantaged people.

5. To organize and provide its members with Club activities as well as collecting and disseminating information on relevant development within the tourism and hospitality industry.

6. To represent for its members a valuable promotion organization acknowledged for responsible tourism business practice.

7. The Club members promote Corporate Social Responsibility.

8. To become a representative of its members in communication with the public sector.

9. To co-operate among the members in our businesses like joined ventures…
With the support from SNV consultants and the efforts from the founding members, we expect the launch of the club will be soon in late this year 2009.

With the support from SNV consultants and the efforts from the founding members, we expect the launch of the club will be soon in early this year 2010.

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