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ACTIVETRAVEL ASIA offer cheaper tours by using alternative cheaper services or cutting off unnecessary activities. The clean, cozy, centre located 2-star hotels would be replaced the luxury and expensive 4 or 5-star hotels. The comfortable shuttle bus would be replaced the costly private transfer. There are more ways we can do to save your money while offering quality trips. We do not down grade our quality, we offer cheap tours with greater value. You can save up to 20% or more.

On our website all the sample tours with Cheaper Option are marked and explained the way we make the tours cheaper. We also provide prices sothat you can compare and see for yourself how much you can save with our Cheap Option. Moreover, you can also consult with our travel experts to see if your trip can be even cheaper with greater value.

If you are looking for a tailor-made tour, please, do not hesitate to ask our travel expert for their advice for cheaper holiday. Our travel expert team with experienced consultants would definitely know how to organize a cheap holiday for you and your family. Please see below some tips for your cheaper holidays

Go all-inclusive

The cost of eating out whilst on holiday soon adds up. If you’ve always opted for self-catering holidays because they’re cheaper, you may be pleasantly surprised at how cost effective all-inclusive holidays are. Paying for everything before you travel means that there is no need to worry about finding more cash for spending money.

An all-inclusive holiday is the best way of knowing exactly what you will spend, which is especially important given the current exchange rates.

Flight or Train or Open Bus

It takes you only 2-hour flying from the "top" to the "bottom" of Vietnam. Flight surely save you time and you energy. However, if time and energy are not the first things in your mind when planning your travel, some other means of transportation can save you from 20% to 40% of money spent on transportation.

See the alternatives below:

  • Nation-linked train with AC, soft sleepers can be the best alternative for a pleasant journey. Traveling train give you good chance to make friend with locals and see more of the lands your travel through.
  • Some areas in Indochina can not be reached by train. No worry, there are plenty of comfortable Open Bus (another way to name tourist coach). These buses run everywhere and offer you cheap but not less comfortable journey. Consider this if you are happy with the fact that traveling by Open Bus make you so close to the locals.
Luxury, costly accommodation or cozy, clean, comfortable accommodation

Staying in a luxury 5-star international standard hotel would surely comfort most of traveler. However, if you look into the value of the travel you are looking for and compared with the amount of money you would spend for a luxury accommodation you may realize that cheaper accommodation can be a better choice. Think about this… you just need a clean, comfortable bed in a cozy small sized hotel after a long day of sightseeing or trekking. Or you look for a hotel where all hotel staff are so friendly and treat you like good friend. Or you look for a place to stay where you find yourself close to the locals. A luxury international standard hotel may not be able to offer your all those. A smaller hotel would able to offer all at a cheaper price. Here at ACTIVETRAVEL ASIA we know what you are looking for and we know the right hotels to make your travel cheap and enjoyable

Travel cheaper with set departure tours

Private tour would surely give you more privacy and flexibility. However, private tour usually cost you more than a Set departure tour (join-tour), especially, when you travel solo or in small group. Booking a set departure tour, you can plan your travel far in advance in order to take advantage of travel agent’s early payment discounts or utilize frequent flyer miles or benefit from airline early booking offers. Last but not least, another benefit of a set departure tour is to give you a chance to meet and make friend with other travelers on your trip.

To assist you in planning a great holiday in Indochina, we have designated a number of tours as preferred set departures based on their reliable booking history.

Save your time, save your money

Staying in big tourist town is usually costly since accommodation is expensive, food is expensive and shopping is expensive. If your can minimize your unnecessary time spent in big cities by planning a smooth and logical travel plan you would, naturally, save a considerable amount of money.

At ACTIVETRAVEL ASIA our experienced travel experts will be able to design for you a perfect travel plan that save your time and your money whist still show you all the best a destination can offer. See example as follows:

If you want to combine Sapa and Halong Bay in a time-saving way we suggest you to take the night train to Sapa (the train runs at 9pm everyday) right after Halong Bay (the trip usually finish in Hanoi at 5.30 pm) without staying overnight in Hanoi. That save you some money on hotel in Hanoi.

These above tips are just some of the ways we work on to make your travel cheaper but more valuable and enjoyable. Please send us your travel request and let our travel experts design your CHEAP holidays.


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